Two Kinds of Love

unnamedI’d like to share with you the following song that Brian wrote in 2005. It reflects on the meaning of love and more specifically both kinds: romantic love and agape or brotherly love. It is a call for us all to cherish the loves we have been blessed with in life.

It is significant to point out the line …”Do not fear or feel alone, though the miles between us are far.” In our military family experience we have been separated both from extended family and friends as well as one another. The year Brian was deployed and many other times during our separation due to our military service, the phrase …”We’re united as one through prayer”  was lived out in a very real way. So the song has deep meaning for us.

Please enjoy!

Two Kinds of Love by Brian Harrington

Two Kinds of Love by Brian Harrington (c) 2005 All Rights Reserved.

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