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Art Therapy

Leaflight by Anna Harrington

Schizophrenia and Art

Schizophrenia and art. The two things together produce an extraordinary effect. Early on I realized my daughter had talent. Her art work was off the…

Changes Underway!

This site, formerly known as Harrington Harmonies, is currently in transition to becoming Dymphna’s Song- a place to find courage and strength for families of…

Sustaining Homeschooling during crisis

Sustaining Homeschool Through Crisis

You may have noticed a recent lull in my blogging. A few months ago a family member was assaulted. It was devastating and sent our…

Writing Rubric for Middle School

I’ve had several readers comment lately on the need for more homeschool resources for middle and high school. And I can’t agree more! I’m not…

craft desk doubles as book shelf

Art Studio Ideas for Small Spaces

I’ve been a homeschool mom for more than 18 years, so I’ve never actually had my own creative space. It really never even crossed my…