Successful Summer Garden 2013

I shared with you all my summer garden plans. So I thought you may like to see my successful summer garden! I am so excited to have several heads of lettuce last week and more for this week. Enough to share with 3 other families that have been working on this endeavor. Last week we each got two heads of lettuce and 9 onions! You will see below so much more growing to be supplying us all year.

As we harvest our squares we are planting new crops being sure to plant something different in each square for crop rotation. We are also adding more soil mix and a dash blood and bone meal to replenish the soil.

My box #1

Lots of the lettuce plus cabbages, beets, onion, peas, and broccoli.

My Box #2:
A few seeds we planted are slow to mature. I want to plant radishes in those boxes since they will work fine together and the radish will be harvested quickly and before the small seedlings will get big. Moral of the story…buy eggplant, tomatillos, and  peppers as transplant. Seeds outdoors are slow going and we may run out of time before they can be harvested. But we will see.

A few beauties to highlight for Collage Friday.