Greek Mythology Masks- Minoan Study

Greek Mythology Masks - These minotaur masks are samples from my student gallery! We used this project with the story Theseus and the Minotaur.

As we studied the art of Minoan and Mycenaean cultures, we read a little Greek mythology too. Masks and bulls seemed to dominate the study. For the literature component we read Theseus and the Minotaur from the book Greek Myths (Classic Starts™ Series). There are lots of other great books where you can find the story. See my list of living books for ancient history (easy readers).

Minoans and Mycenaeans

**This project was inspired by an activity from The Kids’ Multicultural Art Book.

Vocabulary: labyrinth, minotaur, Crete, mythology, Minoan

Make your own minotaur mask- Greek Mythology craft for Theseus and the MInotar

Materials needed:

  • 9″ paper plate
  • newspaper strips
  • liquid starch 
  • aluminum foil
  • scissors and stapler
  • masking tape
  • egg carton, 2 egg sections
  • 2 liter bottle
  • tempera paint – white, black, brown and other desired colors
  • paintbrushes
  • decorative items such as yarn, beads, feathers, etc. (optional)
  • string or yarn for hanging

Minotaur Mask Paper Mache Tutorial

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1. Cut two slits in bottom of paper plate. Overlap and staple the slits together. It rounds the bottom of the plate to makes a nozzle for the minotaur. So it makes the plate form the shape of an animals head.

Make Greek Mythology Masks. First tape eyes and horns onto paper plate with masking tape. You may also want to staple the horns.2. Sculpt horns for your minotaur out of aluminum foil. Make the ends where  they will be attached flat. Staple them to the plate and reinforce with masking tape. Then tape on egg carton section eyes.

Make Greek Mythology Masks- We used egg carton bottoms for eyes and aluminum foil for the horns.

3. Use a 2 liter bottle to support your sculpture while you work. It’s quite flimsy so it’s necessary to have a support while working and while drying. Begin adding strips of paper after covering each with liquid starch. Remove excess before you apply. Crisscrossing strips and layering them make it stronger when it dries.

4. Cover entire area till well sculpted. With liquid starch, use your hands to form paper over rounded areas. This will make the entire minotaur face look smooth and leave no area uncovered. Cover it well with at least one layer and two layers or more if needed. Shape as you go, the plate will get very flexible the more wet it becomes. The more layers you use the stronger it will be when dry.

5. Allow to dry over night. Leave it on a bottle for support while drying, it’s very important because the plates got super flimsy and it ultimately created the shape for the bull head.

Greek Mythology Masks -Allow paper mache mask to dry overnight. Leave over bottle for support.

6. Once dry, we had to paint over the mask with white tempera just as a base coat to cover the newspaper text; so it wouldn’t bleed through.

Paint a base coat in white.

7. Now the fun begins and your child can paint and decorate the mask as he pleases!

Greek Mythology Masks- Minotaur Mask for Theseus and the MInotaur

8. Use a string or piece of yearn to hang if you like to display in your homeschool or kids play room.

What Greek myth have you read in your homeschool? Could you make a mask to go with it?

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