Without Jesus we can do nothing.

Lately I have been troubled by my blogs. Yes, more than one.  As I embark on trying to get this blog ministry up and running I have worries about transferring one blog to WordPress.  At the same time, I am trying to work on this site. Being self taught it is slow going. I also have homeschooling, military life, other commitments and life in general that  keep me more than busy. Blogging can be so overwhelming at times. I feel also like it’s taking more of my time than it should.  Time to take a step back and pray.
Bear good fruit.

So I really lifted my worries about this up to Our Blessed Mother. Through prayer I was reminded that I need to accept my limitations and know that whatever I am worried about Jesus can take care of. I shouldn’t be worried about this because this whole blog effort belongs to Jesus. I must allow myself to be least important in the process, yielding to the Lord’s purpose and not my own.

I tend to want control the process. Jesus demands that I make Him my primary focus for he is the “source and summit”. For if I rely on my own abilities, my own strength, I will fail. So I pray today,

Prayer for Ministry

Dear Jesus, prune  back the areas of life which hinder me from bearing great fruit. May I always come to you with my hopes and fears and trust that you are over all things. Create in me a open heart and mind with an acceptance of your will for me and your will for this ministry.  Have mercy on me a sinner.

And so I took a little break from the blog. I feel refreshed now and with today being Pentecost appropriately so. Jesus hasn’t left me alone to wander around trying to figure everything out myself. He gave me the Advocate. Come Holy Spirit!