Beardtongue Pink- Color Inspiration from the Kansas Praire | Harrington Harmonies

Color on the Kansas Prairie: Beardtongue Pink

Beardtongue Pink- Color Inspiration from the Kansas Prairie | Harrington Harmonies

Beardtongue Pink Color Palettes

Earlier this season, I ran into lots of COBAEA PENSTEMON also known as beardtongue. This flower, like many other wildflowers, is so pretty up close but can be taken for granted from a distance. I think I love nature so much because it gets me away from the busyness of life and back into God’s cathedral. The photo above doesn’t show the inside of this flower. But the one below does.Second color palette highlights more purple tones. | Harrington Harmonies

You may not appreciate from the photo why this flower is even called beardtongue. I mean, what kind of name is that anyway? ( I’m smiling over here.) But in better images you can really see in the stamen of the flower a face that looks as if having a beard.  A good image of an up close beard tongue would be perfect inspiration for this Georgia O’Keeffe  Art Lesson.

Last flower in the Color on the Kansas Prairie Series…Purple Poppy Mallow- Color on the Kansas Prairie Series | Harrington Harmonies

Pink/Pale Poppy Mallow and Purple Poppy Mallows. What notebook page does one use for a Poppy Mallow? A Poppy page or a Mallow page?  Mallow page of course. The key is to look at the flower family and when possible the scientific names.Mallow Wildflower Notebook Page | Harrington HarmoniesFree Mallow Wildflower Notebook Page

When you don’t have the names of the wildflowers your are viewing, use these few things to lead you when identifying:

  • color
  • # of  petals
  • leaf shape

I’ve learned so much about wildflowers myself, and I plan to lead a field trip for my homeschool group in October. Though by then, the study may move from wildflowers to trees. In the meantime look out for Wildflower Notebook Pages Vol 1 & 2 and Trees in fall!

Colors on the Kansas Prairie in this series:

    1. Yellow
    2. Green
    3. Purple
    4. White
    5. Pink


Kansas Wildflowers by Color | Great Palins Nature Center | Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center |Nature Gate

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