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What is Notebooking?

What’s the difference between Homeschool Notebooking and Journaling

What is the difference between Homeschool Notebooking and Journaling? Notebooking is very similar to journaling, but there are a few distinction in how they are…

Book selection for Phoenicians | Harrington Hamronies

Phoenician Timeline Figures, Books and Resources

Phoenician Study Timeline Figures, Books and Resources ( You are here) Make Phoenician Purple Dye Art Project- Phoenician Batiks Part 1 Art Project- Phoenician Batiks…

Free Saint Notebook Pages | Harringotn Harmonies

Free Saint Notebook Pages

Free Saint Notebook Pages Learn about Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, St. Maximilian Kolbe and St. Therese of Lisieux with my new So Great A…

Wildflower Nature Study | Harrington Harmonies

5 Steps to a Wildflower Nature Study

It’s been a busy and hot summer and I haven’t gotten to tend my garden as much as I had hoped. I left for just…

Beardtongue Pink- Color Inspiration from the Kansas Praire | Harrington Harmonies

Color on the Kansas Prairie: Beardtongue Pink

Beardtongue Pink Color Palettes Earlier this season, I ran into lots of COBAEA PENSTEMON also known as beardtongue. This flower, like many other wildflowers, is…