Eric Carle Art Lesson

An Eric Carle Art Lesson

Eric Carle Art Lesson

An Eric Carle art lesson on texture made perfect sense. What better way to study his art than to cover texture step by step using his books for the picture study!

We’ve covered five texture techniques this week inspired by Eric Carle’s books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Quiet Cricket. Get those specific tutorials below:

  1. Color Wash and Splash Textures– Monday
  2. Brush & Scratch Textures – Tuesday
  3. Insect Textures– Wednesday
  4. Blotting Textures– Thursday
  5. Project Completion- (You’re Here)

Now it’s time to put them all together! Since you’ve already created each part of the the project (background, insect and sun or moon) all you need for this step is glue. I used mod podge because it’s so easy to use and can be brushed on. You can make your own “brushable” glue by adding water and mixing well.

Children should arrange their items the way they would like and glue them in place! Arranging them first before they glue is a good idea so that adjustments can be made while they are not yet attached! I only glued down the butterfly body and not it’s wings to give it a slight bit of 3D effect.

Arrange and glue items

Wouldn’t this study go well with an insect unit? Have you seen my Free Insect Notebooking Pages?

So, what texture is your favorite? Or what Eric Carle book is your child’s favorite?

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